Emily's Bespoke Educational Displays and Art Work


  • Greater Manchester based but can travel to surrounding Cheshire and Lancashire.

  • Get displays and mural artwork that have fresh, modern and imaginative designs- no more drab and garish displays!

  • Give your school or nursery a unique and consistent style that will impress visitors and create a colourful, inspiring environment for children and staff. 

  • Displays to fit any theme or objective, whether it's a welcome display, a way to showcase children's artwork or to educate children or to simply help enhance a happy learning environment.

  • Displays and mural artwork that have the 'WOW' factor that are both Pinterest-worthy and Ofsted-worthy.

  • Emily is AFFORDABLE- bespoke displays and mural artwork from just £30 (e.g. a title, a singular character or series of small characters approx 1x2ft)

  • (Prices calculated from the complexity of the design, area, hours of work and materials used.)

  • Hassle free- All you need is a smooth plain wall or display board, Emily will do the rest.

  • Come to Emily with an idea or she is happy to come up with something completely new!

  • Emily is DBS checked.

About Emily

Emily has a BA Honours degree in Filmmaking, as well as A* in Art at A-Level and GCSE. Since graduating from University, as well as making films, she works as a nursery assistant. 

Emily has impeccable draftsmanship and can recreate any style, whether minimal or detailed. 

She has a wonderful eye for colour and composition. Her childhood dream was to become a children's book illustrator or a teacher!