Having achieved a first class honours in Practical Filmmaking from Met Film School, London, Emily Hagan is pursing a career as a writer/director. Her short film BEE was selected by a panel of judges and premiered at HOME Cinema, the epicentre of the creative arts in Manchester. Her latest short film is ‘Agnes’, shot on one cartridge of Super 8 and set in the Victorian era. She is currently developing a short, ‘Little Lamb’ among longer length projects. 


She works as a videographer creating high quality branded content and behind the scenes videos. She also works as a runner on productions for the likes of the BBC and Channel 4. 


She is driven to tell stories about people that confront raw emotion and dark yearning, told with subtlety and truth. Having first discovered film as an expressive medium alongside painting and drawing, she approaches her work with an artist’s eye.   

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